The Jaguar is one of the big cats of the world. But that doesn't mean Jaguar execs are unaware of the fact that many Jaguar owners are in fact, big dog lovers. On the contrary, new Jaguar models - especially the XF Sportbrake, E-PACE, and F-PACE - are very dog-friendly. That's even more true when you equip them with Jaguar pet-friendly accessories and packages, like the Jaguar Pet Pack.

About the Jaguar Pet Pack

The Jaguar Pet Pack consists of a suit of interior protective finishes and accessories to help safeguard the interior of your new Jaguar model from the fur, wetness, salt, sand, and other debris that come along with pet ownership and pet travel. The Pet Pack includes both a luggage compartment partition and cargo protection tray.

Pet Pack Luggage Compartment Partition

This helps ensure that your canine companion or feline friend stays in his or her own designated part of the cargo area, keeping your rear seats and passenger areas from being marked by claws, dirt, and debris.

Cargo protection Tray

A rubber mat or rigid liner tray with lipped edge help ensure that even your cargo area stays in tip-top shape, even with your pet traveling in it. With this protective barrier, salt, sand, water, and accidents are no match for your Jaguar; simply remove and rinse the tray or mat as needed!

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