Your Jaguar is a truly special vehicle, offering both high performance and premium luxury in a package that is easy on the eyes. But like any vehicle, your Jaguar will require routine maintenance to keep that premium performance you know and love, and ignoring it can effect everything from horsepower to ride quality. That’s why you need to visit our Jaguar Service Center in Columbia to have your vehicle taken care of today.

Oil Changes

Perhaps the most important service your Jaguar will need on a regular basis is it’s oil change. Your engine oil is responsible for reducing friction and dissipating heat inside your engine, and when left for too long it can break down and lose its ability to be effective at either job. When this happens, your engine is susceptible to extreme wear that will reduce power and longevity, costing you big in the long run. Regular oil and filter changes are quick and easy at our service center, so don’t hesitate to set up an appointment and we’ll give your engine the attention it needs.

Alignment and Tire Rotations

Your ride quality is almost entirely dependent on the health of your tires and suspension, and our team of experts has the tools and knowledge required to ensure both are in top shape. We offer a wide range of tire brands, and our tire rotation service will help you get the most out of every set. And with our state-of-the-art laser alignment machine, we can ensure your suspension hasn’t been knocked out of line by years of potholes and hard cornering.

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