There are many good reasons to do the factory-recommended maintenance on your Jaguar at Jaguar Columbia in Columbia SC. First, because it makes your Jaguar vehicle last longer. Engines, transmissions, braking systems all run longer and more efficiently when they're operating with fresh, clean lubrication and fluids. Regular service checks and doing needed maintenance can help your battery and tires last longer. Last but not least, regular maintenance makes you safer, since you won't be driving with worn-out tires or a nearly depleted battery that could fail in the middle of nowhere.

Do Regular Oil Changes Really Matter That Much?

Low oil levels can make your engine get too hot and critical parts might get stressed or damaged. If you haven't changed your oil in a while, it could get badly tainted with foreign matter like dirt for an extended period. That could gradually hurt your engine and ultimately, repair costs could get very expensive. Call us or drive over from Lexington or Irmo, SC and let our service specialists help you set up a regular, factory-recomended maintenance plan at our Jaguar Columbia Service Center.

What Else Should I Do to Keep My Jaguar Running Young?

Your Jaguar owner's manual or a service specialist at Jaguar Columbia can show you a full schedule of factory-recommended maintenance. It should not only include oil changes, but also changing other vital fluids like transmission and brake fluid, as well as measuring tire tread depth, checking battery condition and windshield wipers and more. We encourage you to work with our service manager and call us soon to schedule your next maintenance service at Jaguar Columbia in Columbia, SC.

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